Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ant build file for android

a. create a build.xml file
go to root of your project and run
> android update project --path .

create secure.properties file and add to it

add to build.xml

create signed package:
> ant release

Friday, January 7, 2011

how to woo bloggers to write about you



The Pitch
1) Be Honest about why you're approaching the blogger - ie, we just created
this new xp tracking gizmo and wanted your thoughts about it since you blog
about xp/financial topics. I'd like to give you a free permanent account to
review in your own time.
2) Clearly state your offer - We're in the alpha/beta stage and looking for
feedback so if you'd like to share with your readers we would really
appreciate it. .
3) Try to Establish an ongoing relationship - We definitely appreciate your
time and would like to keep you updated on our progress, if that's ok with

Metrics Tracking
1) Try to use at least 3 different pitch variants to a small sample of
different bloggers (say 24).
2) Track each variant a,b,c
3) Based on which has the most success response, optimize to that variant
and expand the target size.