Saturday, June 23, 2012

Installing Graphite

I faced all these issues while installing graphite, but I am assuming other apps will have similar issues.

First error that I could not find easy answer for:
[FATAL] Unable to import the ‘cairo’ module, do you have pycairo installed for python 2.6.6?

yum install pycairo python-devel

Next error:
[FATAL] Failed to create text with cairo, this probably means cairo cant find any fonts. Install some system fonts and try again

yum install bitmap-fonts-compat

Next when I did /etc/init.d/httpd reload, I got wsgi error

To fix that, step 1:
Make sure you have aspx installed.
If not:
yum install httpd-devel

Now, install mod wsgi
# Install mod_wsgi
mkdir temp/
cd temp/
tar fxz mod_wsgi-3.3.tar.gz
cd mod_wsgi-3.3/
make install
cd ../../
rm -rf temp/

Now: you can do
/etc/init.d/httpd reload

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

adding text to Android emulator's clipboard

For testing apps, it was a pain to copy text from dashboard to paste into Android's EditText. I put this into a shell script adb shell service call clipboard 2 i32 1 i32 1 s16 %*